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20 liter USD plastic keg


petainerKeg™ 20L USD D-Type (npr PRT)


Pallet consists of:

  • 80 Kegs (D-Type Fitting)
  • 80 Disposable depressurizing tools
  • $18.00 per keg

Petainer’s innovative PET kegs allow you to deliver beer, wine and cider anywhere in the world at a fraction of the previous cost. Supplied with air so must be purged prior to filling.

The USD version is the Classic keg with outer corrugated plastic packaging (octocabin plus chime) that replaces the standard box.

    Below are documents which must be downloaded and understood before use:

    Keg Filler Set up download pdf
    Hand Filler Set up download pdf
    Use & Disposal download pdf
    Pallet Configuration for empty kegs download pdf 
    Pallet Configuration for filled kegs download pdf
    Fittings and Pressure Release Overview Page link

     For more technical information on how to use petainerKeg™ please contact us


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